Sustainability of E-readers Project

It is exactly a week after the project launch and already we are thinking about the project sustainability!!

On Thursday 16th May, 2013 on the ICT & Development class, NM-AIST students discussed sustainability of the project with the students from Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The four students are coming to NM-AIST in July, 2013.

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Press Coverage

The launch was covered on the media

On Tuesday 14th May,2013 Worldreader blog writes “The Girl Who Will Teach Tanzania to Read

The NM-AIST website captured the event on the article “The Launch of the Nambala & Nganana E-Reader Project by the Hon. Mizengo K.P. Pinda (MP) May 10, 2013

On Monday 13th May,2013 Daily News writes “PM unveils pioneer e-book library

On Saturday 12th May, 2013 Issa Michuzi Blog writes “Waziri Mkuu Pinda afanya Uzinduzi wa Maabara ya Elektroniki Jijini Arusha Jana

On Channel Ten TV News at 7pm on Saturday 12th May, 2013, the event was covered.

More media coverage to follow…..

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Day 4: Project Launch – 36,000 books in 2 Schools

Today May 10, 2013 will forever be a memorable day in NM-AIST history. It is the day we more clearly announced our world class intention and started walking towards it. We have obviously seen small a dream turn into big reality. Arusha Ecolab dream to me has been like being able to see chickens before the hen is born. Let me congratulate the VC, Prof. Burton Mwamila for his bold decisions on supporting the e-reader initiative. To the Arusha Ecolab dream team, you made it and I am so proud of you but you can still go even further. So let’s go for even bigger dreams.

I look forward to the day we shall launch the mobile phone based emergency response system to control fire and traffic accidents or even dive into community based food quality control and labeling.

Be proud and keep Going!

Now the major events highlights……!!

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Day 3: Student Training

Today was a great day in Tengeru Community (located outside of Arusha). The 22 Masters & Phd students of NM-AIST had trained the teachers well.

150 E-readers, each holding approximately 125 digital books were deployed among the two schools: Nganana and Nambala Primary. Although this was not a full roll out, it was day 1 of  students training. Students of Primary 5 and 6 were taught the basic functions of caring for an e-reader, turning the e-reader on and off and how to read a book. Although this was their first day ever using an E-reader… they were quick to grasp it. Two hours of training in the morning, followed by 2 hours of training in the afternoon has prepared them well for the big Launch Ceremony Friday.

This is Nganana School: no running water, no power. it is as basic and simple as a classroom might be. 


Where there were no books yesterday, today it held 18,750 new books!! Digital Books!!! with more to come.

A few pictures of the Nganana Students learning to use the e-reader. One of the first books read was Kanuki (the Giraffe with the short neck).

Again all the lessons today were taught in Kiswahili.


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E-readers Project Update: Michael of Worldreader writes………

We are Day 2 and The Nelson Mandela Project and we are moving full steam ahead. Given the size and scope of this project, our conventional training program has been modified.

Project Manager Training

19 Masters and PhD Students, studying Information Technology, at the Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology have taken on the role of APM’s (Assistant Project Mangers). Prior to attending yesterdays’ Project Manager training session, these NMAIST Students visited Nambala Primary and Nganana Primary to conduct a needs assessment study. They met with teachers, students and community members to become informed on issues facing teachers, training and the implementation of technology in these schools when the e-readers are deployed. These students came to yesterday’s training session ready to go. As APMs, they will go on to conduct the teacher training program on Wednesday at Nambala Primary.


Immediately following the PM & AMP training session, two Masters Students were chosen to lead the Ceremonial Readers Team at this Friday’s launch. With the Prime Minister as the honorary guest and many other high ranking officials attending, not to mention the 2000 guests we are expecting, it was decided to start preparing a select group of students, 6 from Nambala and 6 from Nganana, who will conduct an e-reader demonstration. Clad in Blue & Blue, Nambala students came ready. Clad in Yellow & Maroon, Nganana Students showed their skills!! This team is conducting their training at the Nelson Mandela Institute every day until the big ceremony. I think these students are going to be the leaders of tomorrow 🙂



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E-readers Project Update: Training of Trainers (TOT)

Today, May 7, 2013 our Master’s and PhD students underwent training on E-readers use. The trainer is Michael Smith, of Worldreader.  The training was also attended by members of NM-AIST staff.

The training started with the presentation of our students on needs’ assessment done in two primary schools, Nambala and Nganana. The purpose of it was to inform the trainer, Michael, and members of the academic staff attending what challenges are faced by Nganana and Nambala primary schools.

PhD student Patrick Kihoza presents on behalf of students

PhD student Patrick Kihoza presents on behalf of students

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E-Readers Project Update

Needs Assessment at Nambala and Nganana Primary Schools

On Thursday afternoon on 02nd  May, 2013 a group of 20 students from the ICT & Development course embarked on a field trip to Nganana and Nambala Primary Schools.  This was the initial assignment for the course to conduct needs assessment at the schools for the E-readers project.

Needs Assessment session at Nganana Primary School

Needs Assessment session at Nganana Primary School

The day had showers but the students were all geared for the field trip.
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