Parent Involvement Day at Nambala and Nganana Primary School

On the 26th of July the students from the Netherlands organised a parent involvement day. Parents were invited to come to participate in a lesson with the e-reader. At Nganana Primary School the desks were put outside under the trees for the parents and their kids. The headmaster welcomed the parents and explained about the e-reader. The teachers had prepared a lesson in Swahili and Mathematics. It was amazing, kids took turn with parents on reading stories. Kids showed off their reading skills to their parents and even helped them to navigate through the e reader. Esin, one of the students from the Netherlands, gave a lesson in English with the World Atlas, a book on the e-reader. It was fun and busy from 10.30am to 12.30pm at Nganana. The parents were so happy they want the parents day to be monthly.

Joshua, Floor and Sylvia was the team at Nambala. The parents who were present were very enthusiastic and motivated. They participated in a English lesson of standard 4 and saw how the kids were reading on the e-reader. After this, the parents got time to explore the e-reader by themselves. The parents were very interested. The headmaster was very enthusiastic and wants to do another parents meeting in September. 20130726_121128 DSC02867


Esin, Madelief, Sylvia and Floor

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Workshop peer-coaching at Nganana

Tuesday, 23th of July, Esin and Floor went to Nganana Primary School to give the teachers a workshop about peer-coaching. The purpose of this workshop is that future obstacles with the e-readers can be fixed with the power and knowledge of the teachers.
First they explained the theory of peer-coaching and the benefits. Then they let the teachers discuss two cases. The first of which they came up with themselves, was about that the content of the e-readers did not fit the curriculum. The other case was based on observations of the RUN-team.

The teachers were very enthusiastic about the workshop. They participated with a lot of effort.


The teachers are in discussion to find one of the cases

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At Upendo School – USA River

Today has been an exciting learning experience at Upendo School at USA River. We attended the e-reader class in grade 5 and 6.

We were amazed the way the assistant headmaster Mr. Asanja started the class:

photo(2)Mr. Asanja: With e-reader….

Class: We are number one in Tanzania

Mr. Asanja: With e-reader….

Class: We brought the world in Tanzania

Mr. Asanja: With e-reader….

Class: I have library in my hands

He then selected a student to lead the class through the reading for the day. The students are very conversant with navigating through the books and reading. The lead student will say ‘CHECK‘ to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Esin and Sylvia enjoyed the World Atlas, the students sitting next to them in class showed them all the navigation through the book.


Teacher Mbwambo was also in class guiding the students through their indeed got good tips at Upendo School to engage students at Nambala and Nganana more into e-reader session.

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E-reader project M&E exercise

Work started early on Monday 15th July at Nambala and Nganana primary schools. The RUN team with Charles and Joshua from NM-AIST worked through the week to assess the project at both schools. It has been an exciting exercise with great cooperation from teachers and pupils. Today teachers and pupils were filling questionnaires.

Charles translating instructions for Esin

Charles translating for Esin

Next week we plan to hold peer-coaching for teachers at both schools and parents involvement day.

Floor and Sylvia issuing questionnaires at Nganana

Floor and Sylvia issuing questionnaires at Nganana




Joshua leading the team at Nambala

E-reader session at Nambala

E-reader session at Nambala

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COP students from RUN, the Netherlands arrive at NM-AIST

On Friday 12th July, 2013 our four colleagues from Radboud University Nijmegen (RUN) arrived at NM-AIST for a three weeks Community Outreach Project (COP) on the e-readers project. They gave a wonderful presentation to ICT & Development class about RUN and the e-readers project monitoring and evaluation exercise they plan to undertake at Nganana and Nambala primary schools.


Welcome to Arusha Sylvia, Madelief, Esin and Floor – say the ICT & D class

Full of energy, on the same day they visited Nganana and Nambala primary school  for a courtesy call before they start work on Monday 15th July.

RUN team with Nganana Teachers

RUN team with Nganana Teachers

Mr Swai, headteacher of Nambala with the visitors

Mr Swai, headteacher of Nambala with the visitors

Karibuni sana Arusha – Tanzania 🙂

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Nganana Teacher uses E-reader to teach

Ms. Furahini Kyungai teaches class one and two at Nganana Primary School. Last week I attended her Mathematics and Kiswahili class where she was teaching class one pupils. She enjoys using her e-reader in teaching. The e-reader provides her with updated and ample reference materials. “There are more exercises for each subject that I give pupils to practice. The e-reader has simplified my work and makes it fun“, says Teacher Furahini.

Watch her as she teaches the Mathematics and Kiswahili class.

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E-readers experience

Check out Nambala and Nganana pupils enjoying using their e-readers 🙂

pupilsThey are working with an instructor at NM-AIST.

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