Quarterly report

  • The Worldreader On the Ground Newsletter is out with life changing stories. The cover page is Nganana primary school class 6 student Lydia Geofrey reading to her class. Enjoy reading this latest issue of the “On the Ground”.
  • The class 7 national examination results are out, and we have good news to share. Our two schools Nganana and Nambala are flying.

Nganana had 38 students and Nambala 58 students this year.
Nganana primary school ranks 27 out of 125 in the district.

Nambala ranks at 32 in the district of Meru.

At regional level, Nganana is 120 out 571 of and Nambala 144.

At national level, Nganana is 1,280 out of 15,656 while Nambala is 1,982.

Last year 2012, Nganana ranked 2,114 (56 students) at national level. Nambala 1,775 (39 students).

Both schools are ahead of the other primary schools in the Kikwe ward (kata). The schools are Kikwe primary (84th on the district), Karangai (63rd on district) and Maweni (53rd on district).

Nganana teachers

Nganana teachers

We see the head teacher of Nganana Mr. Pallangyo and academic master Mr. Mariki reflecting on this great achievement of their school.

More details are available on

We indeed are setting high targets for the schools next year, the Ecolab is challenging the schools to be on the top 600 at national level and top 20 in the region and district. Congratulations are in order for both schools.

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