Parent Involvement Day at Nambala and Nganana Primary School

On the 26th of July the students from the Netherlands organised a parent involvement day. Parents were invited to come to participate in a lesson with the e-reader. At Nganana Primary School the desks were put outside under the trees for the parents and their kids. The headmaster welcomed the parents and explained about the e-reader. The teachers had prepared a lesson in Swahili and Mathematics. It was amazing, kids took turn with parents on reading stories. Kids showed off their reading skills to their parents and even helped them to navigate through the e reader. Esin, one of the students from the Netherlands, gave a lesson in English with the World Atlas, a book on the e-reader. It was fun and busy from 10.30am to 12.30pm at Nganana. The parents were so happy they want the parents day to be monthly.

Joshua, Floor and Sylvia was the team at Nambala. The parents who were present were very enthusiastic and motivated. They participated in a English lesson of standard 4 and saw how the kids were reading on the e-reader. After this, the parents got time to explore the e-reader by themselves. The parents were very interested. The headmaster was very enthusiastic and wants to do another parents meeting in September. 20130726_121128 DSC02867


Esin, Madelief, Sylvia and Floor

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  1. It’s very Informative Blog and thanks for sharing with us

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