Day 4: Project Launch – 36,000 books in 2 Schools

Today May 10, 2013 will forever be a memorable day in NM-AIST history. It is the day we more clearly announced our world class intention and started walking towards it. We have obviously seen small a dream turn into big reality. Arusha Ecolab dream to me has been like being able to see chickens before the hen is born. Let me congratulate the VC, Prof. Burton Mwamila for his bold decisions on supporting the e-reader initiative. To the Arusha Ecolab dream team, you made it and I am so proud of you but you can still go even further. So let’s go for even bigger dreams.

I look forward to the day we shall launch the mobile phone based emergency response system to control fire and traffic accidents or even dive into community based food quality control and labeling.

Be proud and keep Going!

Now the major events highlights……!!

Honorable Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda, Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania is the guest of honor for the E-readers project launch.  Hon. Professor Makame Mbarawa, Minister for Communications, Science and Technology; Hon. Joshua Nassari, Member of Parliament of Arumeru East; Members of the Infrastructure Committee of the Parliament of Tanzania; Prof. David Mwakyusa, Chairman of the Council of NM-AIST; Magesa Mulongo, Regional Commissioner of Arusha; David Risher, CEO & Co-Founder of Worldreader; Prof. Mark Gordon, President of Defiance College are among the high level dignitaries who graced the launch occasion.

Hon. Mizengo Pinda arrives with the Vice-Chancelor of Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science & Technology.


In an exclusive interview with Worldreader, Honorable Mizengo Pinda shared the belief that technology is the way forward for Tanzania. A remarkable quote the Prime Minister said at the official ceremony while holding an e-reader, “We can afford the burden of buying e-readers, but we can’t afford the burden of an illiterate Nation.”


For Nambala village a small community outside of Arusha, how often does the Prime Minister not only come through your community but stop and visit. For some of the residents of Tengeru today was a Epic day. 36,000 BOOKS were just delivered to two schools – Nambala and Nganana, this is the Most books in any school in Tanzania and this was the point that the Prime Minister was making.

More than 2000 people attended today’s Launch ceremony as it was more than just a ceremony, it was the beginning of great things. In his speech to the crowd, the Prime Minister went to say that ignoring what is happening here today would be failure on the part of a government. The Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology is showing the strength that Tanzania can have when it comes to the digital age. They have the infrastructure, the community support and a will to make big changes.

On the High Table sat numerous Ministers and members of parliament.


I don’t think the Advanced Reading group really comprehended the impact these kids had as the Prime Minister highly appreciated the reading demonstration of the story “Kanuki na Mti wa Matamanio”. They did an incredible job!!!


With the Official Opening of the project, there is a movement here in Nambala Village-Tengeru, in Arusha, in Tanzania that from this little Acorn, Huge Trees are going to Grow.


As with all ceremonies there comes a celebration and as a Goat was presented as a gift to the Prime Minister, I think David Risher had a moment of panic when the second goat was brought out…thinking ‘how am I going to take this back with me… and where am I going to put it.” To his relief, he was presented with a great Masai blanket.


And then the Celebration Began!!


This was an incredible project that took great effort by so many people and today we can all relish in its success!!
Asante Sana from Tengeru Tanzania
Arusha Ecolab Team and Partners.
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3 Responses to Day 4: Project Launch – 36,000 books in 2 Schools

  1. Congratulations and get work
    Dr. Hameer

  2. Mez says:

    This is an incredible milestone. I would like to congratulate you all for your efforts and your ‘mustard-seed’ faith. As an African saying goes; “Even a baobab (tree) began as small as an amaranth seedling.”


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