E-readers Project Update: Michael of Worldreader writes………

We are Day 2 and The Nelson Mandela Project and we are moving full steam ahead. Given the size and scope of this project, our conventional training program has been modified.

Project Manager Training

19 Masters and PhD Students, studying Information Technology, at the Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology have taken on the role of APM’s (Assistant Project Mangers). Prior to attending yesterdays’ Project Manager training session, these NMAIST Students visited Nambala Primary and Nganana Primary to conduct a needs assessment study. They met with teachers, students and community members to become informed on issues facing teachers, training and the implementation of technology in these schools when the e-readers are deployed. These students came to yesterday’s training session ready to go. As APMs, they will go on to conduct the teacher training program on Wednesday at Nambala Primary.


Immediately following the PM & AMP training session, two Masters Students were chosen to lead the Ceremonial Readers Team at this Friday’s launch. With the Prime Minister as the honorary guest and many other high ranking officials attending, not to mention the 2000 guests we are expecting, it was decided to start preparing a select group of students, 6 from Nambala and 6 from Nganana, who will conduct an e-reader demonstration. Clad in Blue & Blue, Nambala students came ready. Clad in Yellow & Maroon, Nganana Students showed their skills!! This team is conducting their training at the Nelson Mandela Institute every day until the big ceremony. I think these students are going to be the leaders of tomorrow 🙂



Day 2 – Teacher Training

It is Wednesday and Teacher training is well under way at Nambala Primary. Today’s training session is all in Kiswahili!!  and believe it or not, these NM-AIST students translated our Manual into Kiswahili overnight! Now, given the time and necessity for perfection, we broke down the training manual into its small sections and allocated each section to different students. Thus, being an expert in one area, each of these NM-AIST Students is doing an amazing job presenting and teaching  – all in Kiswahili!!


Looking forward to a big day on Thursday – Student Training!!! First glimpses of an E-reader


Asante Sana…..from Usa River

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7 Responses to E-readers Project Update: Michael of Worldreader writes………

  1. Samson says:

    Nice going….. cheers

  2. MWAHIJA says:

    congrats the brain of NMAIST

  3. Moses Moyo says:

    Is a good project, but secondary schools are the ones with problems. Is a good start….cheers.

    • Morris Agaba says:

      The Wwahili word for primary school is “Shule ya msingi”, which I understand to mean foundation. so if we are going to build a strong structure we have to deepen the foundation. But this doesn’t not preclude the secondary schools we should definitely work towards that target and I would like you to join the army.

      • Irina Zlotnikova says:

        Actually we are working on the proposal for secondary schools currently.

  4. Keep it guys and galz

  5. Michael says:

    Many congratulations

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